our story

Having an age gap of 15 years with her baby brother Nitigya, Anushka felt almost like a third parent since he was born in 2011. While staying away in hostel, she was always excited to get the best of everything for her younger one’s holistic growth. In no time, she grew interested in every ‘baby thing’ that came across her way, from products, to toys, to story books, to clothing, to natural therapies. As time went by, her love for babycare grew and her love for Nitigya enveloped all the babies.

Little did she know that she will find her ultimate passion in the form of babycare!

It was in the middle of 2015 when she shared her story with her colleague Yash, who always had a dream of building an ‘institution’ which was focused towards wellness and hospitality. It was serendipitous when it came to foundations of Nurture. 

After a couple years of rigorous research, getting certifications from internationally accredited paediatric organisations and designing every detail, Nurture opened up its doors to the baby world in June, 2017.  


our vision

With little to no work-life balance and unavailability of support at home, parents living in cities need a dedicated space to bond and spend quality time with their children outside their homes.

Nurture’s vision is to build a brand that parents can trust for wellbeing and safety of their children. Each Nurture Baby Spa, provides a safe haven where families can feel supported, spend quality time and be a part of the growth and  development of their child.

From the internationally recognized certification in infant massage that each therapist receives, to the littlest details of baby safety and consistent one-to-one monitoring, Nurture works diligently to ensure every family feels nurtured and supported to best help their baby master their unique developmental milestones.

our guiding principles

Absolute hygiene and safety at par with international quality standards is at the core of our offerings, be it our services or products. 

We are an all women team and do everything with empathy and trust as our core values.

Everyone is treated equally with utmost respect and grace, be it our little ones or parents or fellow nurturers. An illustration of the same can be seen when our therapists seek babies’ permission before touching them.

our founder

Anushka Neyol is a first generation entrepreneur, graduated with B.Sc. Economics and Management from University of London International. 

She is a proud elder sister of three siblings.

Hailing from a farmers’ family, she is privileged to having spent her childhood amidst the fruit orchards of Punjab and loves and values nature. In her free time, you can find her engaged on Netflix or reading! She is a strong proponent of child rights, quality education and environment preservation.

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