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Every session of Hydrotherapy and Massage Therapy is 25-30 minutes long. For Hydrotherapy, there is always a therapist present in one hand distance for every baby.

We take our first booking for 11:15am and last one for 6:00pm. You are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to the session.

Touch is the first sense to develop in babies while in the womb. Before birth, babies get the sense of security and warmth via constant touch in the fluid sac of the womb. After birth, babies thrive on nurturing and healthy sensory stimulation for their growth and development. 

Due to buoyancy, when the body is immersed in water, its weight goes down by 1/10th. Thus, it feels lighter. The lightness helps the child do easy movements in water, such as twisting, turning, kicking, splashing etc. At the same time, water exerts pressure on the chest which helps lungs to grow and intake more oxygen. The resistance in water helps in strengthening the muscles. 

Babies tend to eat and sleep better after regular sessions of hydrotherapy.

The floatation device is especially designed for babies’ use. It is made up of non-toxic, non-phthalate, high quality EVA foam. The adjustable straps are very strong. The inner side of the floatation device has a specially cushioned chin and head rest to ensure maximum comfort. 

Normally feed your baby 30-45 minutes before the session and ensure that she/he has burped. Try to ensure that your baby is well slept and is active before coming. 

Please ensure that your baby is well slept and fed before the session. Generally morning sessions are recommended. Your baby might have a low tolerance for sensory stimulation at an early stage. In no time, they will start responding to the positive experience and will fall in love with it.

Please note, all babies are unique. They grow, learn and respond even to the same stimuli at their own speed in their own way.

You can bring baby food, formula feed, pacifier, extra nappies after change, a changing pair of clothes if you may like. Some parents like to bring the colourful swim suits as well, which can be worn over the swim nappies provided by us. 

The first 1000 days of your babies is the most crucial period of development in human life.The brain is hyperactive in its growth, forming 700-1000 neural connections per second.This means that your baby’s learning capacity is at its maximum. 

The holistic experiences that we provide helps babies in the brain development process along with helping other body systems like muscular, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, neurological, psychological to grow. 

Skin is the largest sense organ and the more information it receives via stimulation, the more it is going to aid to the growth of your baby. As long as your baby is enjoying and having fun being in water and getting pampered via massage, you should keep coming. 

Unfortunately, No. Our pools are specifically designed for kids under 3 years of age. 

While babies are enjoying, parents can play sound games with them, click a selfie or get pampered themselves in our feet massage/head massage session. 

We recommend maximum two adults from the family to be around their child while the session is going on. 

Relieves from abdominal issues such as Colic, Gas and Constipation

Fastens brain development by fastening the process of myelination, making neural connection and releasing feel good hormones

Enables deeper and longer sleep by relieving from emotional stress of crying and improves circadian rhythm

Strengthens body systems i.e. Muscular, Skeletal, Circulatory, Respiratory and Digestive System and develops immunity

Aids in achieving motor skills faster e.g. Rolling over and Grasping, Sitting, Standing and Walking, Language Development, Visual Perception, Proprioception

Develops positive Self-image by enhancing body awareness (good touch/bad touch), body image and self esteem

Throughout the entire session, Nurture Baby Spa provides a secure and holistic environment apt for parent-baby bonding. We encourage the same via touch, voice, hearing and via eye contact. 

Creating a safe and nurturing space for parents to bond and spend quality time with their babies is integral to the values of Nurture Baby Spa.

We are a brand that parents trust. We are very careful about what we do to make every visit wonderful for the baby and the parents. 

Everything right from the kind of music to aroma inducing relaxation in newborns to graphics and toys in the baby spa to intensity of lights to temperature of the spa and water to cold pressed edible oils is selected at par with the latest scientific research to make it a holistic experience for the baby and the parents. 

Yes, you are most welcome to come as a group of maximum two babies at a time. Kindly call at 9654822890 to check the availability of the slot.

Please check our referral programme to avail the applicable discounts on your sessions. 

Yes, Parents can take as many pictures as they want. 

They can always pose for the photos that we take from our DSLR and spend quality time with their babies. 

We send selected pictures after editing to parents after the session. Parents can tag us on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #nurturesuperbaby as well to get reposts and featured. 😛

We advise parents to make an appointment at the time when they feel their baby will enjoy the most.

Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) before the appointment time will get a credit of 70% of the amount only, whereas Early cancellations (at least 24 hours prior) to the session will get a credit of 100% of the amount. 

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