Top 5 Parenting Trends of 2018 you can't miss

For parents, 2018 is a year of newer trends – you should join them! Babies need the best when it comes to love, care and nurturing. There are a lot of newly invented ways by which parents can care for their babies. Below are some of the trends of 2018 that parents must not miss:

  1. Toys from Trees

Parents can do anything for their kids, and that is why they are shifting from metallic toys to toys made from trees. Most of these tree baby toys not only provide several hours of fun for kids but they are also safe for kids from chemicals and toxic materials. Most of these wooden toys include teethers, mom jewellery with wood and silicon etc.

Source: Wooden Story
  1. Weighted Blankets (deeper sleep)

Mums will do anything to make their kids go to sleep and sleep well. While there are different natural remedies to use like breathing techniques, tart cherry juice and inversions, weighted blankets provide peaceful sleep on different levels for kids. Weighted blankets are made with some plastic bead to provide weight and are shown in a grid designs between two layers. It has been shown that weighted blankets help people having sleeping problems and those suffering from anxiety. This provides pressure that affects the brain to release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which help to improve mood.

Source: Me-o-Mi
  1. Perma Forts (the new play way)

It is of no doubt that kids love forts as well as parents when it comes to playing. In 2018, the Perma-Fort is so popular that it is built into the kid’s room or playground. There are a lot of books and papers to read to provide a space to improve your kids’ imagination. Perma-forts match every parent’s décor.

Source: TeePee Joy
  1. Modern Nurseries

Since a new baby brings a new beginning, it will be the best thing for moms to decorate their kids’ rooms. There is an endless list of possibilities of doing this whether you are designing a kid’s room from the scratch, or updating a current room. The rooms should be designed with such a vibrant colour. To make your kid’s nursery a modern one, it should be decorated with personality and a playful spirit.

Source: @decorbabyandkids
  1. Baby Spa 

Life is tough for babies not only because they will have to be carried by their endless uncles and aunts, but they will also have to deal with everyday life stresses like cuddling, eating, sleeping, and popping to name a few. The best way to care for your kids as a better mom is to take your kid to the best spa dedicated to tiny tots. Most of these spas cater to the wellness of babies. The hydrotherapy and the massage are two of the sessions offer by those spas.

Source: MomJunction

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